Fritz Dellsperger smith





Other Software:

  Line V1.0 544kB zip   Planar Line Calculator for Stripline, Microstrip, CWG, Coax, Twisted Wire, Coupled Stripline, Coupled Microstrip, setup

    Synthesis and Analysis of Planar Lines:
  • Microstrip
  • Coupled Microstrip
  • Suspended Microstrip
  • Inverted Microstrip

  • Stripline
  • Coupled Stripline

  • Coplanar Waveguide
  • Grounded Coplanar Waveguide

  • Coaxial Line

  • Twisted Pair Line


This software is not maintained any more. Use it as it is. Free Key included in Setup.
  IM V1.0 539kB zip   Intermodulation Calculator, setup
      Intermodulation Products:
  • Calculates IM-Products from up to 50 Tones
  • IM-Products up to 5th order
  • Up to 10 Frequency bands for output
  • Graphical output
  • Tabular output
  • Specify Amplitudes of Base-Signals
  • Specify Intercept-Points
This software is not maintained any more. Use it as it is.


  Zweitore 795kB zip   e-Book for Twoport Analysis, Mathcad 14
  Filter-Design 1'410kB zip   e-Book for passive Filter Design, Mathcad 12
  Instruction 1kB pdf   Instruction for Installation of Mathcad e-Books
  Microstrip-Bandpass 34kB pdf   Mathcad Example Bandpass Filter with Coupled Lines
  Antenna Array 315kB pdf   Mathcad Example Antenna Arrays



ADS, Advanced Design System, Agilent-EESof:

  ADS 2012:     (Agilent --> Keysight)
  SQRG 1 4'223kB pdf   Student Quick Reference Guide for ADS 2012
Part 1 (ge/en)
  SQRG 2 3'790kB pdf   Student Quick Reference Guide for ADS 2012
Part 2, (ge/en)
  Tutorial_ADS 3'306kB pdf   Tutorial for Agilent-EESof-ADS 2012, (ge)
  Meas_HP8753C 75kB pdf   How to import measurements from HP8753C to ADS, (ge)
  Meas_R&S ZVL-ZVC 470kB pdf   How to import measurements from R&S ZVL, ZVA or ZVC to ADS, (ge)
  Touchstone 32kB pdf   How to write Touchstone files in ADS, (ge)



  Formelsammlung 1'981kB pdf   Formelsammlung Nachrichtentechnik,
Collection of Equations, (ge)
  Telecom Elektronik,
Passive Circuits
1'019kB pdf   Passive Circuits, Matching, Couplers, Filters, (ge)
  Telecom Elektronik,
Active Circuits
3'703kB pdf   Design of Microwave Amplifiers with S-Parameters, (ge)
  Modulation 1 544kB pdf   Amplitude Modulation, (ge)
  Modulation 2 440kB pdf   Angular Modulation (FM/PM), (ge)
  Modulation 3 891kB pdf   Digital Modulation, (ge)
  Filter 1'985kB pdf   Passive Filter, (ge)